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We are East London’s Largest SHOP SIGN MAKERS AND RETAIL SIGNAGE SPECIALISTS with great reputation that our business has worked hard to establish and win the trust of each customer in Uk but also in Europe.


We specialize in the provision of custom signage, vehicle wraps, van graphics, Illuminated signs, 3D lettering signs,projection signs, window signs,pvc banners, display light boxes, truck graphics, Shop Signs, coach graphics, fine art digital printing, visual communication and creative design using state-of-the-art software and hardware to come up with creative and inventive solutions to contemporary sign-making.If you'd like to get a quotation for Magnetic Van Signs in Homerton E9 , from us to produce your shop sign, office wall sign or alternative signage, then the quickest way for us to process your enquiry is to call at 0208 539 9300 or email us info@efficientsigns.co.uk

Evolving from cutter-plotter cutting technique came to complete carpeting in polychromic printed sticker. It is made with weatherproof outer PVC sticker. In other words, cutting technology allows you to reproduce to the smallest detail the desired shape for writing. However, personalized with PVC sticker, your company’s cars can be more easily noticed while successfully promoting your business. By the term “Van Graphics” we refer to the total or partial coverage of the car with a sticker for the purpose of sending an advertising message.

Above all, we do not have to confuse the term “auto inscriptions.” After that, in the vast majority of cases of car clutching, the work is made in one piece, excluding the joints and cuts on the car. With the help of our equipments, we can make car soundings with images of great quality. The full range of professional auto-collation services can be done in any color and with any polychromatic print, therefore, the range being varied.

Our clients who have used the car advertising service are:

– companies for which the making of car scouts has proven to be the cheapest and most convenient way to promote products or services offered on the market.

– transport companies want to change the color of the car in order to use it in taxi mode.
– individuals who want to change the color of the car or protect the original paint using a glossy transparent foil.

Van Graphics

Personalization of vehicle stickers/car wrapping – long-lasting efficient solutions​

At Efficient Signs & Print we have space for preparing (scratching, lacquer or paint jump) and dismantling the exterior of the machine (separate from the collation area).In addition, we do full-color photo printing equipment for full color printing. Any outsourcing of this service leads to the impossibility of 100% management of the production. According to the customer’s requirements (colors, pixels, eventual changes). In other words, roll-off printing equipment for mechanical and UV protection, trimmers, etc.
Similarly, cutter plotter equipment for cutting stickers, patterns, etc. We have qualified staff for graphic layout, DTP and print. Also internal stock of materials to meet the requirements of any customer, respecting the required deadline.24/7 video surveillance of customer cars within our company.You can find with us an wide range of tuning films, colored foils, metallic, pearls, headlamps, stoppers, sunroofs, sun protection films, glossy or matt stickers for any customer, on quality categories guaranteed by established manufacturers.


Due to the variety of advertising signs, the use of magnetic foils has gained more and more importance.These are made of flexible rubber, however, having materials that are industrially magnetized, resulting in a material with good adhesion to the metal surfaces. For instance in the advertising industry, magnetic foils are indispensable when it comes to exterior decoration for a limited vehicle life. The utility of magnetic foils is especially noticeable for customers who need the frequent change of advertising signs. Above all, their other strength is that they are easily removable and reusable. In conclusion, magnetic signs are recommended for non-permanent applications, when not requiring classic writing, for applications requiring frequent changes, short-term display, auto inscriptions, etc.


For both small advertising and small logos and personal car personalization, the use of car stickers is preferred. Therefore, the materials used for car stickers are of the latest generation and the technology used is special for such works, making it a durable finished product. Where appropriate, stickers can be laminated with glossy or matte PVC, resulting in increased resistance.

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