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Are you looking for Illuminated Signs in London?

We are East London’s Largest SHOP SIGN MAKERS AND RETAIL SIGNAGE SPECIALISTS with great reputation that our business has worked hard to establish and win the trust of each customer in Uk but also in Europe.

We specialize in the provision of custom signage, vehicle wraps, van graphics, Illuminated signs, 3D lettering signs,projection signs, window signs,pvc banners, display light boxes, truck graphics, Shop Signs, coach graphics, fine art digital printing, visual communication and creative design using state-of-the-art software and hardware to come up with creative and inventive solutions to contemporary sign-making.If you’d like to get a quotation for Shop Sing in London, from us to produce your shop sign, office wall sign or alternative signage, then the quickest way for us to process your enquiry is to call at 0208 539 9300 or email us info@efficientsigns.co.uk

'Halo' illumination

‘Halo’ lighting occurs where the letter or sign itself occurs strong and the light is focused out of the back and reflects off the wall producing a ‘halo’ glow effect. Stylish and discreet, perfect for meetings and boardrooms alike. With a mixture of coloured LEDs, you can quickly implement the brand in a less apparent way.

Face illumination

Face lighting is a massive impact. The regular built-in letter is substituted with an acrylic face and the carefully mounted LEDs within the letter produce an equally lit profile. The plastic faces themselves may be a variety of colours coupled with coloured LEDs to encourage a good vivid facial lighting.

The front may be rimless or rimless and return: rim and return is where the side of the letter stays on the front to create a thin rim like a contour (see the illustration to the right). Rimless produces a letter or mark where the mask is completely lit with no shadow impact at all.

Return illumination

They are first created as an acrylic illuminated text, then a solid coloured face is put on top to block the glare. This form is not as popular as any of the other illuminations, and it’s a perfect way to stand out from the crowd. A combination of shades and textures will also make a major difference in consistency and presentation.

Neon illumination

Classic neon signs are often become more like an art project or a message than just a regular sight in cities at night. We ‘re all experimenting with LED neon lights right now; inexpensive and low cost to operate, neon is making a coming back. Whether you’re standing in a doorway or at a party, a subtle message should be made to the customers who are demonstrating style and quality.

Illuminated sign trays

On sign trays, letters may also be illuminated by cutting the sign tray stencil and either backing the stencil cut in opal acrylic, or by fitting thicker opal acrylic letters which push through the stencil cut. The Lights are supported inside the sign tray and the letters are lit up. The letters can be entirely illuminated or can be painted in solid colour to offer a ‘halo’ illumination effect.

Stencil cut sign trays are particularly interesting, since they can be rendered far smaller than the built-in illuminated signs, making them famous with more detailed logos and text.

Illuminated Signs

are of different sizes, shapes, colors and decorations. Illuminated signs can be made of plastic or metal profiles with pvc, polyplan, plexiglass, acrylic profiles and others

Efficient Signs & Print is an advertising production company that offers a wide range of professional services and which is made up of a team of professionals with a great experience in this field, creative, perfected, passionate, with a great ability to think creative solutions and is always ready to be available to all customers to honor all your requests.

Our entire team is based on the equipment and technology of its latest generation and can successfully handle all outdoor and indoor works starting from graphic proposals, measurements, production, assembly, transport to authorizations and maintenance, all for to turn your business into a real success.