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Position matters!

Regardless of the reasons why the position of these elements of car customization is used it matters! The model and size must be chosen depending on where they are located. Larger car stickers, in one piece, can be positioned centrally. The smallest logo and text formats can be integrated above the headlights. The latter can be placed discreetly in the corners.

Car sticker models made of two or four pieces can be placed on the sides. To create the desired effect they must be positioned symmetrically. They can be placed in the area of ​​the doors or on the wings, on the body or on the windows.

Stickers that require a lot of attention include models for the rear. They should be more discreet and their graphics should not obstruct the driver. More or less, the rear window decorations must be carefully placed. There are more suitable models designed for the corners, for the lower area of ​​the rear.


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