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We are East London’s Largest SHOP SIGN MAKERS AND RETAIL SIGNAGE SPECIALISTS with great reputation that our business has worked hard to establish and win the trust of each customer in Uk but also in Europe.


We specialize in the provision of custom signage, vehicle wraps, van graphics, Illuminated signs, 3D lettering signs,projection signs, window signs,pvc banners, display light boxes, truck graphics, Shop Signs, coach graphics, fine art digital printing, visual communication and creative design using state-of-the-art software and hardware to come up with creative and inventive solutions to contemporary sign-making.If you'd like to get a quotation for Magnetic Car Signs East London , from us to produce your shop sign, office wall sign or alternative signage, then the quickest way for us to process your enquiry is to call at 0208 539 9300 or email us info@efficientsigns.co.uk

Personalization of vehicle graphics is a way of promoting low costs for your company. Customized stickers can easily be seen in traffic, and all road users can retain the name of the company or the type of service they offer.

If you choose to customize your car with a color-coded sticker cut on the cutter plotter, the fabric does not require laminar and in the case of self-printing with a printed sticker it is recommended to laminate the sticker to protect the printed images on the sticker, plus the lamination of the sticker can be glossy or matte , depending on your wishes. Massive self-adhesive foils used for car inscriptions can be found in a wide range of colors.Auto personalizations can be short-lived (up to 1 year) or for longer periods (up to 5 years). Automotive Pesoning can be used in promotional campaigns and other promotional ways, and the fleet of vehicles in your company can be spotted at any time by any person or customer.

The customization of the vehicle can be done in full, in this case we can use stickers with a warranty of up to 12 years, thus protecting the paint of the car.

Whether we’re just talking about the look or the desire to make the car more remarkable, the vehicle guiding principle is the most accessible and quick way to customize that you can stand out. Car Graphics is famous and very popular among car tuning enthusiasts, customizing their vehicle with a simple or printed sticker. If in the past car autoclaves were used strictly for advertising and campaign purposes, with the evolution of technologies, prices fell a lot, thus becoming a way to improve the appearance of the car.

EDEN Car Graphics

Personalization of vehicle stickers/car wrapping – long-lasting efficient solutions​

Moving from the tunning to the commercial domain, auto inscription, is an excellent marketing tool for any type of company and product. Whether we are talking about a pizzeria, a TV station or any other company, the advertisement is visible anywhere it travels with that vehicle. But not only are cars fit for sticker inscriptions, it can be effectively applied to anything, starting with motorcycles, TIRs, trailers, and ending with airplanes and helicopters.

Obviously, by means of vehicle stickers, some information, whether technical or of great interest, can be reported. A good example may be the one applied to freight vehicles. By means of a sticker, it is signaled that there is no cargo stored in the van during the night. Thus, avoiding the possibility of an attempted theft.

When it comes to customizing cars it is important to choose quality.

Regardless of the use, commercial, technical or tunning, in the field of vehicle stickers are used mostly two types of sticker.

The difference between the two types of sticker is given by the final appearance of the Car Graphics. More specifically, the one-color sticker, the desired design is obtained by cutting through a plotter. This type of sticker is most often used due to the low cost and speed of application. Resistance to sticker film can go from a few years to ten years without the need for revisions or special treatments.

With a much more powerful visual impact, the printed and laminated sticker. Its printing is of the poly-color type, allowing printing of complex models and graphics, even of photos. For this type of sticker, lamination is an imperative process. Without the lamination procedure, the printed film would be damaged by external agents, such as moisture, dust and sunlight.

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